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Hello. Welcome to the personal portion of my homepage :)

  • Height / Weight: 5'8" tall, 200 pounds.
  • Eyes: A dark Aqua with a brown ring round the pupil. They change color depending on mood.
  • Hair: Formerly to my shoulders, cut short for a long while, now long again. Its dark brown, quite thick, and very curly when long.
  • Complexion: Fair (aka: Pale)
  • Descent: Mostly Danish and french. The Lilly's are descendants of the Normans. Also fair amount of Cherokee Indian from my mother's side.
  • Birthdate: Sunday, September 13th, 1970
  • Credit Card Number: HA! Fooled ya there didn't I?

    Interests: Some of my many interests include Art, music, reading (horror and sci-fi), movies and certain TV shows, basketball (especially the NBA), the outdoors (walking, biking and swimming), comic books, RPG's and video games. I love travelling, and don't get to do nearly enough of it. Unfortunately, I have never traveled out of the country, which is something I aspire to do. To find out more about what I watch, listen to, and read, take a gander at my entertainment page. It contains links to my other sites, and also links some of my other favorite sites.

    I also have a lot of academic, scientific, and philosophical interests. Some of which include theology, forensics, zoology, Astronomy, Quantum Physics (just the theories. The maths behind them are far beyond me), Psychology, Ecology, Animal Rights, Mythology, Criminal Justice, and Human rights. As such, I'm willing to discuss any of these things at almost any time..which is good when you are on talkers and message boards as much as I am :)

    Lastly and certainly most obviously, I love spodding. I have been on the Net since 1989, when I first dabbled in the BITNET, an early branch of the internet that still exists, and is somewhat distinct from the net as a whole. I would spod during school hours for 2 years, meeting many people and making many friends. I even dabbled in MUDs, advancing to Wizard status on my first AberMUD before it was later taken down. After that 2 year period followed an additional 2 years off the net. Then, in 1993 I got back on. Much had changed in my absence, and much had stayed the same. My first version of my "Homepages of Lore" went up in the summer and fall of 1995. Starting with a main page containing some Graphics and Links, as well as my personal page. Then I added the Entertainment page and the ball went a rollin'. Soon after I began my Doctor WHO page, "The Winds of Time". After that there was no stopping me, the pages eventually expanded beyond the ability of Marshall U's web server to hold them, and I thus began my Transformers page at Geocities. Now, I have pages at Robobase, Fortune City, Freeservers,, and Tripod. The legend continues.

    Occupation: What do I do? Well I am a graphic illustrator and web designer by trade, and I'm always looking to expand my skills in those areas. Unfortunately, the call for such talents in this area is a quiet one. Unless things change, I may have to relocate to an area more condusive to finding regular work. If you'd like, visit my Art page to check out some of my work that I have made available on the net.

    Family: I met my wife, Crystal, in 1991 during auditions and practice for a play called "Witch's Blood". We are both from the same town, Logan West Virginia. We dated almost 3 years before getting married. To find out more about her hobbies, interests, and so on, visit her website.

    My daughter Chelsea Marie turned 8 years of age on October the 11th. This Kid is a Trip and I have yet to figure out where to! She has grown even more stubborn with age. She jabbers and Talks nearly without cease, and loves to play with the cats, and watch TV. She loves Disney films, and adores the Cartoon Network and Animal Planet. She loves her toys and MY toys too. Since I collect action figures and various other toys, she always likes to borrow them and play. Sometimes I let her if she has behaved, because she usually treats toys well.

    She is attending 2nd grade now, and enjoys it most of the time. She continues to excell in reading and art, and does fine at math when she stops pitching a fit about having to do it.

    Discipline problems? Nothing major...except for getting her to pick up her toys, and an annoying tendency to lie. She also HATES to walk anywhere, complaining that her legs are tired. Yet she runs and plays at school ceaselessly. Hmmmm. And, like most children, she is occasionally a brat. Overall though, she's a sweet kid. I had to take her to Dragon*Con 2002 back in August because we had nobody to watch her, and she amazed me with her good behavior.

    Other Stuff: To the right you can find a pic of me as Freddy Krueger. This is a usual Halloween occurrence for me :) I have been in several Haunted Houses, both back home and here in Huntington. I'm well known for the Freddy thing come Halloween. In 1996 I dressed as a version of Freddy as seen in "Wes Craven's New Nightmare". A friend made the sweater, and I have long constructed the Freddy gloves on my own, even a version with real blades. I also do the makeup myself. It's a full head affair, which usually takes up to 3 or 4 hours. It would go easier if I had a life cast of my head, then I could make the appliances ahead of time. That's something I'm looking into doing in the future.

    Usually I really get into Halloween...but this year was a down year for me, and I ended up going out as nothing. I've dressed as Sting and/or the Crow for the past few years. Usually picking one guise for Trick or Treat, and another for Halloween itself. This year, I was burned I really wish to get my weight down before doing the crow again, so I can do it justice. I now have a beautiful leather trenchcoat, so the next time I decide to do the should be the best yet :)

    This year, we opted to take Chelsea to the safe Trick or Treat downtown, and she had a good time. This year's costume? A witch! A leopard-spotted one to boot. I'll have to put up piccies when I can :)

    "A country cannot be both Ignorant and Free." Thomas Jefferson

    Philsophy: What do I believe In? I was raised as a Christian and have not let my faith become blind. I have examined and Soul-searched and that's a big part of what I think and feel, not allowing myself to think a certain way due to mere upbringing. I believe that more Christians should live and spread the word of Christ, which is not a message of condemnation, but rather one of Love and Forgivness. Having said that, I must also add I do not believe that Christianity has all the answers (there are no easy answers to certain questions, even in the Bible.)...I don't think any one religion does. There is wisdom to be found everywhere if you look in the right places, and learn to weed out the chaff.

    I also reject the lion's share of "New Age" teachings, as most of them are somewhat self-centered and selfish. I do not believe that the stars have any impact in our personality or lives, nor do I believe in past lives. And, I really do not accept tales of Aliens or Alien abductions (although I admit something terribly traumatic has happened to many abductees.). While I believe that there is a strong case for intelligent life over the vast reaches of the universe, I don't think that any intelligent Alien race would do anything other than observe our selfish, dangerous, and childish human race.

    I also believe that we are heading towards a turbulent Dark Age, current trends in society bring to mind certain truths. That "those who learn not the lessons of the past are doomed to repeat them". This is true, as things are largely cyclical, moving in circles. As Rome fell, so too, I fear, shall our Societies without certain changes of a somewhat Immediate Nature. Despite the protestations of our leaders, they have done little to address the very real problems of Global warming, pollution, massive deforestation, species extinction, and the granddaddy of all problems: Overpopulation.

    Are you worried about the state of society? Or the world in general? With threats to our rights and freedom, and with the horrors perpetrated on us and the environment in which we live, information in this age is more crucial than ever before. If you wish to stay informed of events and news you won't usually read in the paper or see on the 6:00 news, then visit Disinformation and stay abreast of what's really happening out there. Remember, information is power, and with information we can implement positive change for our children and to the generations yet unborn.

    Well that's my rant, and to sum it all up, if just half of the people on this Earth, would think not about themselves, but rather of how they affect others and do something positive just once a day, this world would be a much better place. A shining light in the Cosmos, rather then the apathetic, self-absorbed sphere it is today.

    Advice: Never stop asking questions, and always listen to that little voice inside. Oh, and people with multiple little voices inside need not apply ;) Oh yes...and NEVER underestimate your value. Someone very dear to me keeps hammering that point home :)

  • PICS!

    Dragon*Con 2001 Photos!

    The most recent GOOD pic of me...July 2000

    Thank you sir, may I have another?

    Crystal and I, taken back in 1992 in Maryland

    Crystal with Chelsea, takem in about 1997

    My daughter Chelsea

    Me as my alter-ego...Corvus. Dragon*Con 2000

    Me as Freddy Krueger, Halloween 1996

    Me as The Crow, Halloween 1999

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