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The Latest
3-4-2002: Added a banner link to the Corvuschatter Message Board, and also an image link to "A Day Not Soon Forgotten", a page dedicated to the events of 9-11.

1-4-2002: Added a link to the Corvuschatter Message Board.

11-17&18-2001: Personal page and The NEXUS updated with new additions and corrections. Also, new additions made to the Portfolio pages.

4-28-2001: Portfolio site updated, and additions made.

7-19-2000: Homepages of Lore now hosted at 'Tripod'. Links corrected and update info added.

1-24-2000: The Homepages of Lore version 5.0 is online!

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Welcome to the Homepages of Lore, the starting point of my home on the Web! This particular site is quite simple in design, but it is merely a portal to my sites as a whole. I hope you visit my other ports of call, and enjoy each and every click of the mouse.

  • Personals -- Wanna know more about me?? Sad souls...go here and abandon all hope. (Updated: 10-17-2002)

  • The NEXUS -- The hub of my web presence. The Nexus links all my entertainment related pages from one handy location! From Star Trek to the Crow, and from Horror to Hoops, you'll find it at the NEXUS! (Updated: 10-17-2002)

  • Artwork-- My art gallery, for those with a creative mindset. CURRENTLY UNDER RE-CONSTRUCTION

  • Corvuschatter-- My new message board. It's been divided into several sections based largely on my interests, so feel free to visit it, and see what the members are chatting about. (added: 1-4-2002)

  • A Day Not Soon Forgotten-- A page created by myself and my friend Undedgurl to memorialize September the 11th, 2001.

  • My eBay about me page-- My eBay profile.

  • My Yahoo! Profile-- Speaks for itself.

  • Resume'-- My online resume', hosted by Tripod.

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