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To me, it is the greatest fighter to ever grace a game cabinet. Better than almost any fighter available for any system, Soul Blade is a masterpiece of graphics and action. If you love this game, or even if you know little about it, you should visit Soul Blade: The Quest. They have info on all the characters and their moves, secrets, multimedia files, and even info on the upcoming sequel! Be sure to visit, as this site is great!

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Welcome to my World

  • The CAVS page Updated! My brand new Cleveland CAVS worship page!
  • The COMICS page My comics-oriented site!
  • Doctor WHO Updated! Dedicated to the British Sci-Fi series. Great for people new to the good Doctor.
  • Personals Wanna know more about me?? Sad souls...go here and abandon all hope.
  • Entertainment "Here it is now, Entertainment!!!! Click the link now, its Contagious!!!"
  • Artwork My art gallery, for those with a creative mindset.
  • The Price Brothers Dedicated to my two favorite NBA stars.
  • The Crow My CROW pages, dedicated to the Films, the Comics, and the Late Brandon Lee.
  • The TRANSFORMERS More than meets the Eye! Click and Roll Out!!!
  • Thanos! His name means Death! Find out about this intriguing Marvel Comics character.

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